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Trouble’s brewing on Earth

The Anvil’s old enemy turns into a reluctant ally.

Sigma hatches a plan to save Earth from the gomesh.

The powerful Science Consortium reels under an unexpected attack.

Discover what happens when powerful forces meet and clash in a story of belonging, betrayal, and saving the world.

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17-year-old refugee Nadine Chu lives with her parents in the mining outpost of Formosan. A seemingly typical visit by Earth’s tax collector takes a sinister turn and that will change young Nadie’s life forever.
There be dragons in those sands!

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Jane Poole Genesis Series

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Her Last Run 2-part Series

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On the Anvil

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Fall of the Space Marine

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The Expanding Universe 5


Read my short story, Extinction, as well as 22 others stories by the current headliners of indie science fiction. With a foreword by Kevin J. Anderson, this collection has something for every science fiction fan.
Aliens of the mind, blasters in space, an enigma, and so much more. A massive collection of brand-new, never-before published stories from past and future masters of sci-fi.

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