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About Michael Penmore

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I’m Mike. I was born in 1984 (it wasn’t so bad, Mr. Orwell!). I got my MA and did some boring stuff (including getting paid to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood) before I started writing. My reading interests in order of discovery as a kid: Historical Fiction, Fantasy (started with the Hobbit and LOTR), Science Fiction (The ending of Asimov’s The Last Question is my favourite sci-fi clinch of all time).

I write because I need to let out the stories from my head. My stories are about characters: how they love, why they hate, what makes them get up from bed every morning. Fights and explosions are secondary – but not neglected! After all, good conflict needs an epic climax.

I became father for the first time in 2016. I want to introduce my son to the things I love. What better way than to tell him his dad writes science fiction?

My current projects in the Science Consortium universe:

Jane Poole Genesis – a series set in the year 2093 about Sigma aka Jane Poole, a mysterious survivor of a destroyed research ship Copernicus on a quest to rediscover her forgotten identity.

Fall of the Space Marine – a series set in the year 2087 about Space Marine Captain Rhys Dreyfus and the downfall of the Space Marines.

There’s schemes, conspiracies, humour and action. Come and have a look. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

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Here’s a brief synopsis for the Jane Poole Genesis:

On the brink of the 21st century mankind have made great strides in space exploration, colonising the vicinity of the Solar System. But they have also made plenty of mistakes along the way. When Sigma, aka Jane Poole, wakes onboard the rapidly disintegrating research ship Copernicus, she has no knowledge of her identity or memory of her past. Armed only in the cryptic message from the ship’s AI, she takes the first tentative step on her road to self-discovery. The twisting and turning path will pitch her against powerful adversaries, reveal grave threats against mankind, and cause her to doubt even in herself.