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It has begun. Earth is under threat.

Jane Poole is finally on the cusp of learning her true identity. But her goal of reaching Earth suffers yet another blow. Can the Science Consortium’s luxury space liner – the Prime – finally take her where she needs to go?

Haunted by his failures at New Cairo Space Station, Captain Dreyfus faces his biggest crisis yet. His first officer wants to quit. The Anvil’s previous captain returns to challenge his command. And a corrupt politician from the darkest corner of his past stirs his worst instincts.

Chased by old enemies, accused of murder and sabotage, and grappling with demons from their pasts, Jane Poole and the crew of the Anvil must face their greatest challenge yet, with thousands of innocent lives on the line.

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17-year-old refugee Nadine Chu lives with her parents in the mining outpost of Formosan. A seemingly typical visit by Earth’s tax collector takes a sinister turn and that will change young Nadie’s life forever.
There be dragons in those sands!

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The Expanding Universe 5


Read my short story, Extinction, as well as 22 others stories by the current headliners of indie science fiction. With a foreword by Kevin J. Anderson, this collection has something for every science fiction fan.
Aliens of the mind, blasters in space, an enigma, and so much more. A massive collection of brand-new, never-before published stories from past and future masters of sci-fi.

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