Coming out soon

War. War never ends. It changes places and rules and ownership. For as long as there are people in this universe, there will always be war. Because people are selfish and quarrelsome. They fight, they lose, they never win. Only ones that win are those smart enough to play both sides. This was Isabel Rocarion’s philosophy.

Meet my newest character, the sassy razor-sharp gunrunner Isabel Rocarion. In her first outing, Isabel is looking to retire from the game after half a decade of supplying guns to the beleaguered Colonial Resistance. She may have fed snippets of intel to the other side along the way – Earth Expeditionary Forces don’t usually treat gunrunners nicely but those lubbers in uniforms understand their quid pro quo. Now that the Colonial War is about to end, all Isabel needs to do is extract her final payment from the client before they go bust. It’s a simple in-and-out job, and then it turns into an offer she can refuse. But will she?

A story about doing the right thing vs personal gain, including soldiers, rebels, spies and a cute little chamonkey called Leon (“Watch your hands. He bites”). Set after the events of Prox Doom and before Sigma Protocol, with references to both. Coming out soon.